Join us for a journey into a world of calmness, concentration and self-love.
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Benefits of Meditation

Forget about stress
Meditation gives you the opportunity to step back, recognize stress and choose how to respond to it.
Raise awareness
Through meditation, the ability of the brain to learn new material and remember it increases.
Become happier
Meditation changes our perception of the world and ourselves. People who meditate become happier.

About the application


Meditation is the practice of stopping the internal dialogue, a tool for strengthening mental and physical health, as well as an effective simulator for the brain and the body as a whole.

Meditation is one of the tools of the spiritual practice of Buddhism, it can often be supplemented with elements of Hindu yogic practice, they are similar in spirit. This practice is part of the process of curbing consciousness, which begins with observing it in its natural states, goes through several stages of "excavation" and ends with "purification" - that is, the elimination of destructive behavior, speech, thoughts and emotions that are dangerous to oneself and others.


Affirmations are short and clearly articulated phrases that need to be repeated many times to be effective. Only in this way the positive attitude embedded in this phrase is fixed in the subconscious of a person. The mechanism of influence of these attitudes on the brain is based on the effect of self-hypnosis.

Affirmations allow you to develop self-confidence, motivate and tune in to a positive result, as well as change your attitude to the events that have occurred. Often, inspiring ourselves with something, we begin to feel a little happier and calmer, tune in to achieve success and lead a more active lifestyle.

Music of the Soul

The music of the soul is music that reflects the state of mind of a person. As a rule, a person finds an outlet in his favorite music: it helps to relax after a hard day or distract from obsessive thoughts. Everyone has their own music of the soul, and often when listening to it, goosebumps run through the body and even tears flow.

A person in rhythms, strokes and dynamics hears what corresponds to his state of mind and needs at a given time. When music finds an echo in the heart, a person has a favorite music, or "music of the soul." Music uplifts the mood, it supports people and shares their mood, as a result of which the mood and state of mind of a person becomes better.

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